The schedule in broad strokes is finalized, but the details are still subject to change. Any questions or concerns may be directed to

Registration Begins

Pick up your night pass at the country store at the entrance, and see Anson Knowles for your keys if you’re staying at the lodge, or pay your for your day pass at the gate, and come on to the lodge.

Vendor tabling

Meet with all of our info tables, vendor tables, and sponsors to mingle and sell products to our attendees!

Friday Lunch with John Sophocleus

Taco bar lunch featuring Mises Institute member, former Alabama Libertarian gubernatorial and Senate candidate, John Sophocleus. John is a legend of libertarianism in Alabama, he writes for the Alabama Gazette and was formerly an Economics instructor at Auburn University, Clemson, and Auburn University at Montgomery.

Speaker: Marty Schelper, President/Founder of the Alabama Cannabis Coalition

Hear from the Founder and President of the Alabama Cannabis Coalition, Marty Schelper, a passionate cannabis activist and lobbyist in Alabama for over twelve years.


Speaker: Doctor Noah Rhys, At-Large 2, Aerospace Engineer

Hear Doctor Noah Rhys, a member who has served in many varied capacities within the LPA, discuss how to analyze and utilize campaign data to target offices and run effective campaigns that help us build momentum over time

Speaker: Elijah Boyd, Alabama House District 10 Candidate

Hear from Elijah Boyd, who ran for AL HD 10 in 2022, and is running in the special election in 2024 that he triggered, after successfully rooting out corruption and removing the previous office holder due to voter fraud.

Speaker: Ollie Rhys, Region Rep 1, Madison County Chair, Author of Alan Barksdale Plan

Hear from Ollie Rhys, Primary Author of “County Slam, The Alan Barksdale Plan,” written after Alan Barksdale’s campaign for Sheriff in Madison County resulted in Ballot Access and Major Party Status for the Madison County Affiliate. Learn how he pulled this off, the related election laws, and how to do this in your county!

Speaker: Anson Knowles, Treasurer, Political Director, Multi-time candidate in Alabama

Hear the ever-interesting Anson Knowles discuss whatever is on his mind.

Candidate Free For All

Hear from any and all current Libertarian candidates who are present and willing to speak. This is a great time to hear from our candidates and allow them to practice their public speaking in house.  

Evening Reception

Friday Awards Dinner

Sliced Turkey and Sausage, Twice Stuffed Baked Potatoes, Salad, Mayo Slaw, Potato Salad, Rolls

business Session One: Bylaws and Rules

Friday Night Salon

Social Anarchy! You want to go where people know that our troubles are all the same. Enjoy networking with like-minded people at a beautiful state park at a historic venue.

Registration Continues

saturday Breakfast Buffet

Bacon, Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Yogurt Parfaits, Biscuit Bar- Assorted Jellies, Butter Fruit Tray

Business Session two: Elections, Resolutions, and open floor

Lunch with Keynote Speaker Matthew Larosiere, Firearm Rights Lawyer, and CEO of Manufacture d'Armes et carillons de Floride Corp.

Matthew Larosiere is a passionate advocate for the natural right to keep and bear arms. He is a senior partner at Zermay-Larosiere, the nation’s leading for-profit civil rights and consumer protection firm, and is actively involved in the firearms industry. He writes on the subject of the 2nd Amendment, gun law, taxation and gun violence. His work has been featured in Playboy, National Review, Cato Blog, Fox Nation, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and more. Matt hosts the gun law myth-buster YouTube channel Fudd Busters.

Classic Southern Barbecue with Pulled Pork and Chicken, Baked Beans, and Macaroni and Cheese, Paella- Seasoned Rice Mixed with Vegetables and Beans

Congress of Chairs Meeting

New Executive Committee meeting

Evening Reception with Open Microphone, tea, and Coffee

Saturday Dinner

Roast Beef with Au Jus, Cajun Chicken, Garden Salad, Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Asparagus, Rolls, Chic Pea Pasta with Beyond

Libertarian Party Presidential Debate, Moderated by Joey Clark

Featuring: Mike ter Maat, Michael Rectenwald, Jacob Hornberger, Charles Ballay, Chase Oliver, and more to be announced!

Saturday night by the Fire

Enjoy the beautiful night sky, insightful conversations, and the warmth of the fire on the highest point in Alabama. 

Sunday Brunch with Tam a Gram

Enjoy Southern Brunch and a hilariously motivational speech from the multitalented Tam a Gram. The accountant, comedian, and patriot has something for everyone.

Pancakes with Syrup, Sweet Potato Biscuits with Jalapeno Butter, Egg Casserole, Bacon, Fruit Tray, Orange Juice, Water, Sweet Tea, Coffee

VIP Presidential Candidate Access

Training: Red Fox Four, how to analyze issues for your campaign

Discover how to analyze issues for your campaign in order to attack issues effectively and run promising campaigns with our Political Director and host of the Raw Civics podcast, Anson Knowles.

Training: Alabama Campaign Finance

Anson Knowles, our Political Director and host of the Raw Civics podcast, guides us through the hurdles of government regulation and how to stay in compliance. This is an extremely important aspect of any organization. Every campaign needs to understand campaign finance, and every affiliate needs a treasurer. 

Training: Campaigning for Office 101

Training: Start a County Affiliate

State Park Saunter with special guests

Afternoon social hours with tea, coffee, and snacks

Family Style Dinner with the LPA

evening social anarchy